For a Richer Hearing Experience


Our FineHearing advantage is the combination of two unique MED-EL sound-processing strategies that combine to create an enhanced perception of tone and pitch in all frequencies. Our cochlear implant recipients benefit from a more accurate perception of sound through FineHearing's precise control of sound information—in both quiet and noisy environments.

The FineHearing Technologies:

250-FS 250 120








The Power of 250 Pitches

FineHearing provides access to as many as 250 unique pitches of sound. Hearing this full spectrum of sound allows our users to appreciate the subtle differences between sounds. FineHearing is designed to provide more unique pitches than any other cochlear implant technology. The potential of 250 unique pitches creates a more vibrant soundscape for our cochlear implant recipients.

The Importance of Fine Structure

The potential for these 250 unique pitches requires the precision and control of Fine Structure to provide the greatest benefit. Fine Structure sharpens and clarifies these 250 unique pitches for exceptional sound accuracy. Fine Structure achieves this by controlling how all sounds, in both the low and high frequencies, are perceived by the cochlea. Other cochlear implant technologies only control the high frequencies of sound. Fine Structure’s additional precision processing in the low frequencies creates a hearing experience that is richer and more natural. This delivers improved perception of both speech and music for our cochlear implant recipients.

Synergy in Technology

Triformance provides the best possible hearing to recipients of our cochlear implant systems through the unique advantages of Structure Preservation, Complete Cochlear Coverage, and FineHearing. These technologies work together in synergy to deliver superior hearing performance.

As a component of Triformance, FineHearing enables our recipients to reach their fullest hearing potential—with a richer, more natural hearing experience.

For A Richer Hearing Experience

FineHearing is the only sound-coding technology that provides access to the full spectrum of sound, including bass tones, for a richer and more natural listening experience.

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Structure Preservation
Ensuring a Hearing Future®

Structure Preservation of the delicate structures of the cochlea optimises the benefit of a cochlear implant, both now and in the future. Soft, flexible electrodes designed for lateral wall placement are proven to preserve the delicate neural structures and ensure a hearing future.

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Complete Cochlear Coverage
The Full Spectrum of Sound

Complete Cochlear Coverage provides the full spectrum of sound for a more natural hearing experience. Complete coverage of the cochlea can only be achieved through a long electrode array that stimulates the cochlea from the base to the apical region.

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