Electric Acoustic Stimulation
in the 2nd Generation

Welcome. You may be wondering whether a hearing implant solution is the best choice for you or someone in your life. The following pages are designed to address many of the questions you may have concerning the EAS Hearing Implant System. 

The EAS™ Hearing Implant System is the world’s first hearing implant solution designed especially for people with partial deafness. Partial deafness is defined as a mild to moderate, low-frequency sensorineural hearing loss sloping to a profound hearing loss in the higher frequencies.

EAS takes a two-part approach: First, a cochlear implant with an atraumatic and flexible electrode electrically stimulates the nerve cells responsible for processing the high frequencies. Second, acoustic amplification is used to stimulate nerve cells responsible for processing low-frequency tones. The combination of both electric and acoustic stimulation offers users a superior hearing experience which takes advantage of their natural residual hearing.
*EAS is not yet approved in Canada.

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