EAS Components



The DUET 2  is the 2nd generation of EAS audio processors. It was created especially for the unique needs of individuals with partial deafness. The DUET 2 provides superior hearing, especially when listening to music.


The world's first cochlear implant remote control is the world's most user-friendly. The FineTuner allows users to make setting changes "on the go," without removing the processor from the ear, for uninterrupted hearing.


The DUET was the first processor worldwide to combine electric and acoustic stimulation in one device.


Engineered for best parallel processing precision and performance, the exceptionally small-volume and extremely-thin SONATA titanium implant from MED‑EL is the most advanced titanium implant on the market.


Made of impact resistant ceramic, PULSAR features powerful electronics which deliver sound information to the hearing nerve with unprecedented accuracy.

FLEXEAS Electrode Array

The FLEXEAS Electrode Array features MED†‘EL’s unique wave-shaped wiring and atraumatic tip for gentle electrode insertion. Increased mechanical flexibility and atraumaticity is the key to preserving residual hearing.

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