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Surgical Support for BONEBRIDGE

As the leader in innovative surgical techniques, we're here to provide dedicated support for our professional partners. You can find our surgical techniques, surgical videos, and surgical tool guide below. If you have any further questions, please contact your local MED-EL representative.

Surgical Techniques for BONEBRIDGE

Surgical Techniques

The BCI is the implanted part of the BONEBRIDGE system. It consists of the BC-FMT which is installed into the bone according to the CT scan. The surgery is standard otologic practice for mastoid surgery with the additional step of securing the BCI. Because osseointegration is not needed, the patient can be activated as soon as the swelling of the skin is reduced. For detailed information on the BONEBRIDGE surgery please download the brochure "Information for Surgeons" below.

Surgical Videos




Surgical Steps
Surgeon: Dr. med. John-Martin Hempel
BONEBRIDGE Live Surgery (2012)
Surgeon: Prof. Dr. med. Georg Sprinzl

Surgical Tools & Accessories



Keyfeatures of the BONEBRIDGE  
How the BCI Lifts work  

Surgical Tools

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BCI Surgical Tool Kit

BCI Sizer Kit

BCI Lifts

The BCI is shipped in a sterile tray, which also contains two single-use templates (the C-Sizer and the T-Sizer), two regular cortical bone fixation screws, one emergency screw and one single-use drill bit.

The BCI Sizer Kit is shipped in a sterile tray and can be used to support the BONEBRIDGE implantation before the implant package is opened.

As the anatomy can differ considerably between patients the use of BCI Lifts may be required. For patients who present a smaller skull or present more variable anatomy, the BCI Lifts allow for less drilling depth and can help avoid uncovering the dura or sigmoid sinus.



Skin Flap Gauge 7

Torque Wrench Kit


The Skin Flap Gauge 7, made of stainless surgical steel, is used to estimate the thickness of the skin flap over the BCI to ensure good attachment and signal transmission of the external audio processor.

The Torque Wrench, made of stainless steel and titanium, consists of the body, the drive connection and two exchangeable ratcheting mechanisms. The wrench includes a torque indicator (maximum torque is 32 Ncm) to facilitate precise tightening of the screws.


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