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BCI Lifts & BCI Sizer Kit

BCI Lifts


  • Greater surgical flexibility
  • Solution for anatomical variations
  • Can help avoid uncovering sigmoid sinus / dura
  • Less drilling depth required

As the anatomy can differ considerably between patients the use of BCI Lifts may be required. For patients who present a smaller skull or present more variable anatomy, the BCI Lifts allow for less drilling depth and can help avoid uncovering the dura or sigmoid sinus.

The BCI Lifts are available in four different sizes ranging from 1mm – 4 mm. Once the size of the BCI Lifts has been determined, using the BCI Sizer Kit, they are pushed onto the wings of the BC-FMT. The implant is then fixed securely, again using 2 cortical screws.

BCI Sizer Kit


  • Simple assembly
  • Packaged separately to implant
  • Assists with the surgical decisions

The BCI Sizer Kit is shipped in its own sterile packaging and can therefore be opened and used to assess the position of the Bonebridge and whether BCI Lifts are required, before the BCI Implant Kit is opened in the surgical field. The BCI Sizer Kit contains the Flat-Transducer-Sizer, the Coil-Sizer, the Depth-Gauge-Handle and the Depth-Gauge.

How the BCI Lifts and the BCI Sizer Kit work

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