Elodie, 5 years

"The life of our daughter became much easier with the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE"

When Elodie was born, it was confirmed almost straight away that one of her pinna’s was missing. After further  tests it was clear that she had ear canal atresia combined with a hearing loss. Initially, Elodie was provided with a bone conduction headband that was to help compensate for her hearing loss. But the headband was not very practical as it didn’t really stay in place when Elodie was taking part in sports.

Through contact with other affected families and a talk by an ENT surgeon in Munich we got to know about the SOUNDBRIDGE. However, the decision to have the implantation was not easy.

But the moment her system was activated was the moment we knew we had made the right decision. When the audio processor was first placed on her head , she just kept playing as usual. But just when she thought no one was watching her, she started running her hand over the table and tapping the wood with her  finger nails. We knew that she was hearing these small sounds.

That was HER moment and as her parents we felt goose bumps all over.

Since the implantation, many things have changed for Elodie: her pronunciation, vocabulary and also grammar have improved dramatically. She has become more confident and can concentrate much better. Her ability to react to traffic in the street has become much easier, as she can hear cars from afar and can distinguish where they are coming from.

Our daughter’s life has become so much easier with the SOUNDBRIDGE. She can do sport without having to worry about a bone conduction headband shifting out of place. Sport makes her very happy. She even shows off her scar to others as she is proud of her own courage.

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