Now Available in a Variety of New Colors!

OPUS 2 is the world’s first switch-free audio processor design. All setting changes are made using the unique, easy-to-use FineTuner™ remote control. The FineTuner allows the user to keep the processor on the ear for uninterrupted hearing should occasional adjustments to volume or sensitivity be necessary. Most users do not need to carry the FineTuner remote control all the time.

Users can now enjoy this superior hearing experience up to 50% longer with the same set of zinc-air batteries. Using the latest electronic circuitry, energy efficiency has been greatly improved while still maintaining outstanding performance.


OPUS audio processors are now available in a variety of exciting colors. Users can choose between White, Crème and Ebony. In addition, MED-EL now offers an assortment of new audio processor colors for children including Green, Orange, Baby Pink and Baby Blue.

Using advanced I100 audio processing technology and the most sophisticated coding strategies available, the OPUS 2 provides users with a superior hearing experience. Unique MED‑EL technologies like Automatic Sound Management and FineHearing™ make MED‑EL processors the most effective and easy-to-use audio processors available anywhere.

FineHearing allows users to appreciate the fine structure of sound. Fine structure processing, a component of FineHearing technology, provides the best possible sound quality and music listening experience.

Automatic Sound Management allows for seamless transitions between quiet and noisy listening environments, whether you are listening to music or everyday sounds, all without pushing buttons or removing the processor from the ear.

MED‑EL OPUS audio processors come in a variety of wearing options.

*The Fine Structure Processing coding strategy is not approved for prelingual children in the US.

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