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Feel Safe and Secure

Your needs are at the forefront of our hearing solutions. We understand
that deciding whether to have an implant, let alone choosing a company, can be a
difficult decision. Knowing that you are in good hands is of paramount importance, 
but what does that exactly mean? At MED-EL, we believe that the reliability of our
products, the safety of our devices and the support we give to our customers all
contribute to making you feel safe and secure.

Made with Quality to be Reliable

Choosing to have a MED-EL implant is a long-term commitment for both you and for MED-EL.
Our excellent reliability data show our dedicated commitment to the long-term durability of our
products. To evaluate the reliability of our implants, we use a special statistic called the Cumulative
Survival Rate (CSR). The CSR statistic is the same one that is used to evaluate pacemaker reliability.
MED-EL follows reporting procedures in accordance with ISO 5841-2:2000. The CSR reporting method
allows you to visualize how reliable our devices are over time.

Safety through Technology

In addition to the reliability of our products, MED-EL has built in many safety functions for your
peace of mind. Our IRIS implant identification feature, for example, prevents stimulation of
the implant from occurring if the incorrect audio processor is worn. This is particularly
important for children with bilateral implants and for school and group
situations where numerous children are using implants.

SoundGuard is a safety feature of the OPUS 2 audio processor that self-
monitors all programmed data continuously to protect against
inconsistencies, for example as a result of static electricity. If a problem
is detected, SoundGuard automatically stops stimulation, and the Status
Light  flashes. By turning the processor off and on, all map information
is restored, and no further action is required by the user.

Additionally, features like the Status Light, Safety Locks and Private
Alert functions all contribute to a safer more enjoyable experience.

Customer Care

To be sure you are fully supported every step of the way, our
Customer Service and Audiology support teams provide
live phone support to patients and clinics  24 hours a
day, 7 days a week, including holidays. In addition to
on-call support in an emergency, we provide
personalized Customer Service. This means your 
designated Customer Service Representative will
always recognize your individual needs. We believe
it makes  a difference when implant users have the
chance to develop a close relationship with
their Customer Service Representative. Our
Customer Support efforts are consistently
rated the best in the industry! 

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