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Structure Preservation

18 years and over candidates for EAS have normal to moderate low frequency sensorineural hearing loss, sloping to severe-to-profound hearing loss in the high frequencies. Even though they often don't understand well with hearing aids—especially in background noise—EAS candidates are usually very concerned about what will happen to the low frequency hearing sensitivity they have. Our incredibly soft, flexible electrodes are designed to support Structure Preservation to protect the delicate nerve cells of your inner ear.

The key to our soft and flexible electrode arrays is the custom-made wires that carry the electrical signals to the electrodes. Other manufacturers use straight wires in their electrode arrays, which add unnecessary stiffness and rigidity to the electrode array. MED-EL's wave-shaped wire design enables our electrode arrays to easily flex and bend—making them perfectly suitable for gentle insertion into the cochlea. The combination of our flexible electrode arrays along with recommended EAS surgical techniques can help enable preservation of the delicate hearing structures in the cochlea.


Outstanding Flexibility
MED-EL Electrodes

FLEX-Tip Technology

Unique FLEX-Tip Technology features single contacts at the leading end, ultra-flexible wave-shaped wires, and a tapered tip for increased mechanical flexibility.

Wave-Shaped Wires

Our ultra-flexible, wave-shaped, platinum-iridium wires ensure unmatched flexibility. Our electrodes have featured wave-shaped wires for more than 20 years.

For Any Cochlea

We offer the widest selection of flexible electrodes, including electrodes specifically designed for EAS, to ensure the optimal outcomes for our EAS recipients.

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