Nathalie, 17 years

I was born with closed ear canals and the pinna on my right side was not properly formed. When I was in primary school it never proved to be a problem and the other children accepted me as I was. Only later when I attended high school, I realised the other students were constantly staring at me. Subconsciously I started to develop habits to help me get through the day with my disability. In school I would always sit very near the front of the class, during conversations I would always sit with my good ear facing towards the other person and always wore my hair down to cover up my ear. All these things weren't really a big deal for me – after all I couldn't change it.
Then I got the Bonebridge. The day after the surgery was a bit tiring but I was very relieved. I could hardly believe that my new ability to hear with the Bonebridge, was what everyone else took for granted as being normal! Today, I still can't believe what a difference this small device can make!

With the Bonebridge I have a much better experience when listening to music. I play the guitar and the flute and can hear the notes more clearly and loudly. I really enjoy the time I spend with my friends and the music group. Even though at the being it felt a bit strange and I wasn't used to hearing things so loudly, I soon became used to wearing the Bonebridge. The audio processor is now a part of my life, as it allows me to go around with a happy smile on my face.


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