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In Sync with Natural Hearing


The SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant System combines a number of powerful technologies to provide our recipients with the most natural hearing possible.

With Triformance, Automatic Sound Management 2.0, the most comprehensive portfolio of electrodes, and 3.0 T MRI safety without magnet removal, SYNCHRONY delivers superior performance in sync with natural hearing.

Triformance For More Natural Hearing

The SYNCHRONY System features Triformance for more natural hearing in any listening environment. Triformance is the combination of three MED-EL technologies that work together to deliver the most natural hearing possible for your patients.



FineHearing is the only sound coding technology that delivers a richer perception of sound in all frequencies, including deep bass tones. Our cochlear implant recipients benefit from a fuller, more accurate perception of sound through FineHearing's precise control of essential sound information—in both quiet and noisy environments.

Structure Preservation

Specifically engineered for Structure Preservation to ensure cochlear integrity, FLEX electrode arrays are the most atraumatic electrode arrays available. Uniquely designed not to deviate into other scalae and ideal for both round window and cochleostomy surgical approaches, FLEX electrode arrays are recommended for safe, complete electrode insertion, ensuring a hearing future.

Complete Cochlear Coverage

Stimulation of the cochlea from the base to the apical region provides recipients with the full spectrum of sound for a more natural hearing experience. Only long, flexible electrode arrays that facilitate structure preservation can be inserted fully into the cochlea, achieving Complete Cochlear Coverage for optimal hearing outcomes.

SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant

MRI Safe at 3.0 Tesla—Without Magnet Removal


Combining unparalleled 3.0T MRI safety with proven performance, reliability, and the most comprehensive portfolio of atraumatic electrodes available.

  • MRI safe at 0.2, 1.0, 1.5, and even 3.0 T without the need for magnet removal.
  • Rotatable, self-aligning magnet greatly reduces torque for increased patient comfort during MRI scans.
  • If necessary, the magnet can be removed to minimise image distortion on MRI head scans.
  • The magnet can only be removed from the bottom side of the implant, making dislocation of the magnet due to trauma almost impossible.
  • The SYNCHRONY PIN implant features titanium fixation pins to secure the placement of the implant for outstanding stability.


MED-EL Electrodes

Comprehensive Electrode Portfolio

Providing the widest selection of atraumatic electrodes,
MED-EL's extensive portfolio ensures the optimal solution
can be chosen for each individual patient.


FLEX Series

The softest and most
flexible electrode arrays,
designed for Structure
Preservation and ideal for
Complete Cochlear Coverage

  • FLEX 28
  • FLEX 24
  • FLEX 20


FORM Series

Ideal for malformed
cochleae, the FORM
Series features SEAL
technology for better
control of CSF leakage

  • FORM 24
  • FORM 19



The first MED-EL
electrodes to feature
wave-shaped wires and
double electrode contacts

  • Standard
  • Medium
  • Compressed


ABI Electrode Array

The Audiotory Brainstem
Implant (ABI) is designed
for individuals with
hearing loss due to nonfunctioning
auditory nerve

  • 12 active contacts on
    pre-shaped silicone


For more natural hearing in any listening environment


Audio Processor

Delivering exceptional hearing in any listening environment, SONNET minimises the need to manually adjust settings or change programs for a more natural hearing experience.

  • Adaptable CI/EAS audio processor
  • EAS function with 6-channel acoustic fitting with gain of up to 48 dB and a maximum power output of 118 dB SPL across the low frequencies
  • Water-resistant and tamper-proof
  • Waterproof with WaterWear accessory
  • Automatic Sound Management 2.0 actively adapts to changing listening environments
  • Dual microphones provide Wind Noise Reduction and
    Microphone Directionality
  • Delivers up to 60 hours of battery life without a trade-off in processor performance
  • Lightweight rechargeable battery options
  • Link-check coil function with LED indicator
  • Fully compatible with the last 20 years of previous MED-EL implants



Single-Unit Processor

Providing exceptional comfort and convenience, RONDO is the world's first and only CI single-unit processor.

  • Control unit, battery pack, and coil integrated into a compact single unit worn off the ear
  • The processor disappears easily under longer hair, enabling the RONDO to be worn discreetly
  • Especially comfortable for individuals who regularly wear glasses
  • Waterproof with the WaterWear accessory
  • Up to 5 days of use with a set of three 675 highpower zinc-air batteries
  • Fully compatible with the last 20 years of previous MED-EL implants


MAESTRO System Software 6.0 with MAX

Fittings Made Quick & Easy


The MAESTRO System Software 6.0 with the MAX
Programming Interface is the quickest and easiest way
to program the SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant System.

  • SONNET audio processor can be programmed with
    4 specific maps to ensure optimal hearing performance
    in any listening environment.
  • Programmable Microphone Directionality and
    Wind Noise Reduction.
  • Expanded 6-channel EAS fitting allows more specific
    maps to be created, and both the acoustic and the
    electrical component can be programmed simultaneously.
  • Features datalogging, including usage time and volume
    range of each selectable program.
  • Supports all currently available MED-EL multi-channel
    cochlear implants and audio processors.


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