Is My Child a Candidate for a CI?

Your audiologist or hearing professional will help you to determine if your child is a candidate for a cochlear implant.

Receiving a Cochlear Implant

This page will give you general information on what to expect when receiving a cochlear implant. This includes a summary of assessment, surgery, "first fitting", and follow-up programmes.

Advantages of Early Implantation

Your child may be able to benefit from a cochlear implant regardless of his or her age. The following is a summary of the advantages of early implantation.

Making the Most of Your Child's Cochlear Implant

A cochlear implant is a technical "tool" for your child’s hearing. Success with this tool depends on many factors and age of implantation is only one factor influencing the benefit your child will receive from a cochlear implant.

Bilateral Implantation

Bilateral cochlear implantation is implantation on both sides, or the use of two cochlear implants. The advantages of bilateral hearing implants for the development of children with hearing loss have been demonstrated in numerous clinical studies.

First Steps Guide for Parents


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