MED-EL Electrode Arrays

Soft, Flexible, and Atraumatic

Electrode Array for Hearing Preservation
Unlike the majority of electrodes that feature a conventional straight-wire design, MED−EL electrodes are made with wave-shaped wires for maximum softness and flexibility. MED−EL’s exclusive design is the key to creating the most atraumatic electrodes for preserving the integrity of delicate structures in the cochlea.

Ensuring that the neural tissues are left undamaged is critical for all cochlear implant patients – especially for young children who may face multiple implantations in their lifetime. It is likely that any future interventions, be they device, biological, or pharmaceutical in nature, will be more successful in a cochlea that has received minimal trauma through reduced insertion force.

MED−EL electrode arrays are available in many different design shapes and lengths to fit a variety of unique cochlear anatomies. Your doctor will choose the appropriate solution for you.
Electrode Array for Hearing Preservation

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